5 Striker Sharpened Before Era Messi and Ronaldo

Real Madrid’s forward Raul celebrates after scoring during the Santiago Bernabeu trophy football match Real Madrid CF vs Al-Sadd SC at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid on August 22, 2013. AFP PHOTO/ PEDRO ARMESTRE (Photo credit should read PEDRO ARMESTRE/AFP/Getty Images)

5 Striker Sharpened Before Era Messi and Ronaldo

The world of football has been adorned with a number of crazy appearances from the sharp strikers as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo show now. But admittedly, they lost brilliantly in the current era because there are names Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Long before the names Messi and Ronaldo sounded, some players listed the glorious. Filippo Inzaghi for example. The former AC Milan striker is considered an opponent attacker.

Super Pippo scored 288 goals from 623 matches for teams like Juventus and AC Milan who won three Serie A titles and 2 Champions League titles. Or George Weah who mentioned the figure that inspired some of the strikers that exist today.

The player, nicknamed The Black Diamond is packing 193 goals in 411 appearances for his clubs. In La Liga Spain, there is Raul Gonzales who had become king of goals for Madrid in both La Liga and Champions League.

But all that now suddah through because of the emergence of Ronaldo. Still there is more crazy, anyone? Following the sharp strikers before Messi-Ronaldo’s era was quoted Sportskeeda:

Gabriel Batistuta

The definition of the term “deadly finisher”, Batigol or El Ángel Gabriel is a figure who answers all of it. He is one of the most famous strikers in his golden age and is very popular among fans of AS Roma.

The figure who has long hair is very legendary to the public Fiorentina and AS Roma. In fact, the people of Florence built a statue in his honor.

With a packed 271 goals in 507 matches is an eternal proof of his prowess. For a long time, his all-time leading scorer in Argentina (54 goals in 77 caps) was broken by Lionel Messi in 2016.

Batigol is known for his hard kick. He is also most reliable when executing the ball area penalty box given to him.

4. Andriy Shevchenko

The briliant one, genius, and fast is a worthy indicator to Andriy Shevchenko. He is one of the most talented players in his golden age.

Having the flexibility of playing, either through the wings, or as a lone striker in the middle, Sheva excels in all these roles. Strong, fast and able to release accurate hard kick with both legs, Sheva has a legendary name in the city of Milan.

Imagine, he successfully packed 346 goals in 716 games is a testament to the brilliance of this generation’s talent. His record for the Ukrainian national team is also remarkable, which is 48 goals in 111 appearances.

3. Raúl González Blanco

El Capitan this one is the most opportunist striker in the world. Behind his calm face, there is a terrible scoring desire in a Raul.

Raul is considered the greatest number 7 in Real Madrid’s history besides Ronaldo. His record for goals for Real Madrid and Spain may have been blocked by Cristiano Ronaldo and David Villa, but his legacy has remained steady.

He scored 404 goals in 940 club matches and got 44 goals in 102 caps for La Furia Roja. A fantastic achievement for him.

But unfortunately, Raul Gonzalez failed to give the title for the Spanish national team. La Furia Roja even victorious when Raul is no longer defend the national team.

2. Thierry Henry

Speaking of the best French players, the answer is Thierry Henry. He even earned the nickname of King Henry because goals like his hobby at Arsenal.

His name is still legendary for the public Emirates Stadium. Got speed, the movement without the ball, and the deadly instinct became an indicator for Arsene Wenger’s findings player.

He totaled 284 goals in 541 matches for the club he played (AS Monaco, Juventus, Arsenal, and Barcelona). His record for Les Bleus is just as impressive, scoring 51 goals in 123 appearances.

1. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima

The winner of three World Player of the Year titles presents La Liga, Intercontinental Cup, and Spanish Super Cup. (AFP / Christophe Simon)
Long before Ronaldo from Portugal famous, Ronaldo from Brazil has never been a lip lips. Have a strong physical and accompanied by speed, making Ronaldo Luis Nazario feared defender.

No doubt, some big clubs ever defended. Starting from PSV Eindhoven, FC Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan. Despite the injury, Il Fenomeno is so great that many players are inspired from him.

Imagine, during a career at club level, Ronaldo packed 247 goals in just 343 appearances. His record for Brazil is just as scary as 62 goals in 98 games.

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